Colin Tipping, author of the world bestseller "Radical Forgiveness", presents the transformational game Satori
In-depth study of Radical forgiveness as a modern method of creating happiness in personal life and harmony in relationships

The game «Satori» helps you to create better life in such areas as:
Personal life
To heal all past traumas and resentments that hold you from finding a partner or establishing a relationship in a couple today
Start to create a harmonious relationship which includes acceptance, support and mutual respect
Eliminate the limiting points of view that are not allow the new possibilities come to your life today
If this is familiar to you, then take just 3 minutes and finish reading this page.It is quite possible that this will help to change your life radically.
I have a loop of unsuccessful relationships, and life is not going at all the way I want... .
I often get annoyed and angry, constantly dissatisfied with myself or other people…
I want to learn how to cope with uncomfortable situations and start a new life...
Such recurring unpleasant situations and events can occur because of following reasons:
Tasks of the soul
You came into the world to solve the problems of the soul, heal past traumas and develop yourself. For development and growth, it is necessary to recognize good and bad, light and dark, good and evil, joy and pain. Therefore, you go through various challenges and life lessons to become wiser, gain experience and move to a new level of development.
Problem or possibility
Challenges and life lessons are those unpleasant questions (problems) that you face with.
If you do not solve the problem now, after a while it will be back, but in a more severe version. In fact, any problem is an possibility for healing and development.
Serious consequences
A problem or pain is like a red light, like a signal: "Pay attention!"
But if you ignore the problem, do not notice the possibility of healing in it, then it will be back again and again.
For some people this creats serious mental or physical illnesses, such as cancer.
Do you recognize such situations as?
I have a deep resentment that boozes don’t help me and I can't forget in any way ...
I feel confused and need answers to important life questions...
The game "Satori" will help you in an easy way:
Find and heal the reasons why recurring unpleasant situations occur
Recognize and change the limiting points of view that controls your actions
To forgive and love yourself and your abusers in order to create the space for a miracle
Аnd as a result, to rise to a new level of happiness and prosperity
It's very simple
Radical Forgiveness is an incredibly simple but very powerful tool for growth and change for the better life.
Since healing takes place through the heart, and not through the head, the changes come quickly and remain for a long time.
It's fast enough
In 3-5 hours of Playing, you will be able to get rid of painful resentments and limiting points of view that have controled you for many years.
This will allow you to get the first unexpected results even during the Game
Just imagine that in the near future: 
• You waking up in the morning and feel that life comes in joy;
• You look forward to the future with a pleasant expectation;
• You know that if resentment or discomfort suddenly looms on the horizon, you can easily cope with them;
• Your wishes start become true;
• Your anger and resentment have been replaced by love and acceptance;
• Behind all situations in life, you can see their secret meaning;
• You create new relationships or fill existing relationships with love...
Why Radical Forgiveness

Radical forgiveness is a modern method of fast changes in personal life and relationships.
More than 2 million people around the world have been healed with the help of Radical Forgiveness.
Why Colin Tipping
Colin Tipping is an internationally recognized authority on forgiveness questions, the author of the Radical Forgiveness methodology.
Getting the knowledge directly from the hands of the Master and the creator of the technique is the greatest gift.
Why "Satori"
You will be pleasantly surprised how the game "Satori" will help you to forgive yourself and others in the most unexpected way.
After finishing the Game you:
Change your points of view
You will change a lot of points of view, that do not allow you to be happy and in prosperity
Forgive the main thing
You will be able to accept and forgive the biggest offender in your life and get rid a huge burden from your shoulders
You will begin to recognize
You will realize that all people are just postmen who bring you letters about yourself
You will be aware of the possibilities
Feel the moments of enlightenment and awareness, realize the possibilities for spiritual growth
Forgive yourself and others
Forgive yourself and the people around you, accept yourself and others as you are
Be filled with love
Be filled with a feeling of lightness, light, a new sense of freedom and inner peace
Here’s feedbackes from the participants who have already felt the power of the Game «Satori»:
Yulia Dubrovskaya (Kaliningrad, Russia)

Such awareness and such emotions!

Thanks a lot for the opportunity to FORGIVE!!! Radically Forgive!!! After working with the worksheet, I got such Awareness and such emotions that words cannot describe - it's a Miracle!!! Success in the development of Such a Good Cause and Happiness!!!
Vitaliy (Minsk, Belarus)
It's profitable!

Thanks to the training, I understood to forgive what for, I realized that it was NECESSARY FOR ME, that IT was PROFITABLE. Realizing this, I became ready to forgive people!
Сlaudia Bakhvalova (Minusinsk, Russia)
It's become so easy!
I am very grateful for Radical Forgiveness! I cried a lot and forgave, and I am grateful to myself for that.
It has become so easy, a lot of things runs with a different way. Thank you for the discoveries that gave me the opportunity to make them)))) Thank you!!!!))) I wish everyone to forgive everyone and themselves.
Here’s feedbackes from the participants who have already felt the power of the Game «Satori»:
"Satori" is the game for adults.
You can play in a group of 2 to 5 people. Depending on the number of participants and the depth of the issues being worked out, the game can last from 2 to 6 hours.
Many people call the game "Satori" as a full-fledged transformational training, which takes place in an easy game form and gives the most powerful changes.
The game has a master and participants. The game master explains the simple rules of the game and helps the participants in the process.
A guiding word from Colin and JoAnn Tipping:
A guiding word for the Game masters from Colin Tipping
The Radical forgiveness experience
Besides during the Game You:
You will do simple activity and immediately notice unexpected pleasant changes in yourself
You will begin to heal the traumas of the past, which are still bleeding today and are not allowed happiness and prosperity come to your life
Look at the world by completely different way. You will be surprised to start noticing possibilities where you previously saw only problems
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